Why You Need a Zeltman Group – Town Gurus Realty Realtor® Everytime

Very often we see homeowners trying to buy or sell their home themselves. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the importance of hiring a Realtor®. This article will explain the benefits.

Realtors® have done a poor job of explaining their services to their clients. Most assume that home sellers and home buyers understand the expertise, professional knowledge, and hard work that they do to ensure that your real estate transaction is a successful one. They work diligently behind the scenes performing many tasks on their clients behalf that their client may never be aware of. A Realtor® reviews reports, understands market conditions, and can advise their client about issues that come up that may not be visible on the surface but could void their deal or come back to haunt them after the transaction.

A Realtor® is an advocate for their client. They make sure the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed to protect you from liability. They fight on your behalf to negotiate the best price for your property. For sellers they use and pay for a strategic marketing plan that they devise from their expertise of your property and the local real estate market to ensure your property is sold quickly and for the best price. For buyers they search diligently on your behalf to find you the perfect property at a price that you can afford.

One rationale cited for not hiring a Realtor® is that a seller can save money by not paying a commission. This is a short sited view. Consider, if you are selling a home for $300,000, you would pay $18,000 if you agreed to a 6% commission. A typical mortgage payment for this house is about $2,000. Normally a for sale by owner property is listed under market value. Let’s assume the property is listed at $290,000. The seller now needs to pay to market their home, continue to pay the mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc. If the home stays on the market for three months longer than if it was sold by a Realtor®, they will have lost their profit. If it stays on the market even longer, they lose. Sadly, many people that try to sell by themselves waste time and money instead of hiring a Realtor® from the beginning.

Zeltman Group – Town Gurus Realty is the premier real estate team in South Jersey. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, call today. Our team has an expert that understands the local real estate market. We have Realtors® that specialize in specific towns. They know their town better than anyone and can not only provide you with the best real estate guidance, but can tell you where to eat, about the school, city events, and everything else going on in their town. Call 877-203-9588 now to speak with your hometown Realtor®.

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